Take Me Wherever You Go -a Poem

Bring me to a place where no one has set footprints. I don’t care if we’re playing alone just take me alone with you.


Take me with you I don’t care where it should be
I don’t care to know exactly where we are going
Just take me alone with you
Where there’s no yours and there is no mine


Never leave or you will erase what

is left behind
Then every picture of you won’t be the same
Just hold my hands and everything will be fine
We will find it both easy to cross along the line


Remember that not everyone may reach for a love
Maybe half of them are not so far
Maybe half fail before they even start
So take me with you and let’s not be people



Take me wherever you go and,
Together we will picture the world with meaning
Where people alone are half satisfied but fulfilled
Where people alone are half loveless but contented

Take me to a place where no one has set footprints
Maybe there we can play alone away from the others
Together let’s fill the emptiness with gladness
And discover mysteries hidden inside our spirit


6:32am Friday

Article Written By juny

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