I Will Never Let You Go

I don’t know where you are going, but I tell you, listen to your heart before you say goodbye.

I don’t know where you are going, but I tell you, listen to your heart before you say goodbye.

Slowly and gently, you said you don’t love me in the same way. I appreciate you for being considerate, for being so gentle with breaking my heart, for trying not to cut it deeper more than I can tolerate. But, no matter how you say it darling, you are taking the air that I breathe; and that is you. In that manner, you are killing me, slowly and gently, exactly the way you want it to be. Yes, you are digging my

grave quickly before death could ever claim me. Did you ever listen to your heart before you made up your mind, or you want to say goodbye before you might change your mind?

I don’t want to hear your reason for leaving. If you want to hurt me with the truth, please no, I’d rather hear a lie than telling me the truth. Sometimes lie is easier to bear, than a truth that will give me a burden for a whole life. I do not want to know that love has gone; rather I want to think the fire

gone cold with the winter nights. Do not tell me where you are going, I might follow your track and I am sure you won’t leave any trace. Never wish me to find a new love, you knew my heart beats for no one else and you knew I whisper only one name. So, listen to your heart before you say a word, and….

Consider tonight a celebration for my love, make love to me before you say goodbye. Do you still remember the first time we made it? Whispering each other’s name and trying to explore the deepest mystery of love, reaching the place we’ve never been before. Those moments we’ve shared passionately, wanting more and coming again after reaching each other’s breath. I want to surrender once again under your spell, this might be the last, please make it worth for a lifetime. Call this wish craziness, but for me there will be no sweetest goodbye, than making love with you tonight.

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