Suicide Is Not A Solution

Suicide is cowardliness and it has never been the ultimate remedy for any problem.

Suicide is cowardliness and it has never been the ultimate remedy for any problem.

Suicide is cowardliness- the fear of facing reality.
Everyone has its own problem in this life whether it has different weight or burden but everyone has one goal- to remediate each load. What a pity that some people use the shortcut in solving their problems and that is by taking their own lives. There are people who quickly think of ways to solve their problems and those who are not able to think of any ways. There are people who face their problem immediately before it got

worse and there are those who ignore their problems until it get serious.

What kind of personality may reflect despair and suicidal tendency?

A loner or a joker?
It is a common knowledge that a loner person has a weak personality. However, being risible is also a phenomenon of a person who hides lack of self-confidence. Therefore, being a loner doesn’t always mean weakness, it could mean over-confident or egoistic and strong self-esteem. While a gay person is masking a happy face to conceal a cowardliness with his or herself.


to determine if your loved one is going throughan extreme sadness?

That is something that cannot be identified immediately, unless there is a sudden change in movement or action done. Such as examples if a happy person displays sudden loneliness or overjoyed although there is nothing funny. Maybe a loner suddenly becomes cheerful without a reason. Guess you need to investigate a little why there is a sudden change in a behavior. There is nothing wrong knowing the cause of those sudden changes of habit displayed by a loved one. Sometimes it is better to interfere with the lives of our loved ones; we might not know that there are hidden secrets behind that laughter’s or sadness.


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