A Suicide Case In Our Family (first Ever)

She was twenty years old, young and full of life until the day she committed suicide.

She was twenty years old, young and full of life until the day she committed suicide.

I was on a three-day convention and out of town when I received the news that shook my knees. My niece died last Sunday morning and the most horrible thing I ever heard in my entire life is- she committed a suicide. No, as I screamed, no as I fall down on my knees. I was pleading- someone slap me, I want to wake up from this nightmare, this is not true. However, no one seems to hear me gasping for air. The last thing

I know is that, I feel hands trying to support me as if I am drowning and I heard voices but I do not understand a single word people around are saying.

Coming back to my senses, I recalled everything in my mind. She is a picture of a fun loving girl who loves to crack a joke when she sees you crying. She loves fashion combined with her own choice of weird styles and colorful accessories. A full spirited young lady loves country music and strides the town with her cowgirl attire. She dances well and loves to be the star dancer in every family occasion we have had. She is a perfect image of a typical youth where loneliness and emptiness seems no room in her heart. It turns out that behind those laughter and gaiety gestures she hides an unvoiced secret.


left a letter stating an extreme disappointment of love that destroyed her wounded heart. A love she worshipped; poured a constant love and hoped to forever. Each word written relay a pure love that nobody can deny. In the last part of her letter, she stated farewell to all her loved ones and a heartfelt apology for taking her own life. Yes, she really planned for it- she has been in pain for a long time and she kept it herself. She makes us all believe she is fine but deep within she is hiding a shattered soul and mind. Now, she left us all suffer a loss with a big question that the only answer she will bring to her resting place.

Our dearest Krisjoy,
You will always be remembered...
Your smile will linger in our hearts and minds...

You will be missed in every occasion and events
But every night we know
You are one among the brightest star that shines above.

Till we meet again


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