Do You Always Give Coins To Street Children

Do you always give coins to street children or elderly begging alms on the street? If yes, did you give it because of pity or you feel obliged to give; thinking your coin can help them in a little way.

Honestly, what drives you to give coins, or small paper bill to any beggars? Was it due to obligation your conscience is dictating you to do so, or, you are born generous and you want to share your blessing that way. I know most of you have a kind heart, ready to reach a hand without hesitations. You want to extend

some help in every possible way you can, but do you think you are giving it the right way? Don’t give me that look, I am not mocking your kindness. My heartbreaks each time I saw kids, yes as young as 3 years old running the streets barefoot, chasing vehicles knocking your car window asking for anything you can give. I am not a perfect mother, I do have lapses too, but where are the parents of these kids, are they worth to be called as one?

I want to justify some reason, each street kids has story to tell about their lives. Consider those abandoned ones by their real parents and are living with their relative’s kind enough to give them shelter. At their young age begging alms are the only way to help those people who give them little love and care. But, for these kids who’s parents are young, fit to

work to feed their kids, why let these little ones carry the burden of life at early age. I feel irritated, not because of their dirty hands touching me. I felt angry not because they are persistent asking for coins. I feel bad because they are supposed to enjoy childhood, but the streets become their playground and annoying people is a game they played. What future lies for them, how far a coin can give them life at stake?

The worse to worst scenario is, after risking their life from dangerous streets, a gambler parent will take away the money from those little hands who earned a wealth. When the night comes this little worker will take a rest and tomorrow do same routine without a future plan. Anyway, who cares to plan for their future when their own parents never mind them at all? Mind you folks, next time you reach your hand to give a coin to a little beggar, what do you feel? Check yourself; look at those little hands who are supposed to be writing notes at school. Look at their faces, do you see contentment, or do see misery from those innocent looks? I know somehow you want these little angels feels how to be love and cared. I am sure you’re holding back tears each time you drop a coin to those dirty little hands on the streets.

Article Written By juny

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