The Sound Of The Wind

Can you understand what the wind is saying when it blows? Can you find the right direction where it is going or can you define the exact scent how does air smells like?



I feel the warmth when the air wrapped me with icy breeze
I find direction where branches point when air blow the trees
I listen to the music from windmills still moments
I smell the blood from stale cold summer gun
That fires light and dimmed a life with an empty



The sound of the wind is like a noise barrage
Barricading stagnant mind of fools decision
Splitting spirit away from earthly body mind and soul
A soundless drum beating from a heartless god and
A hapless prediction beneath dark dungeon of evening scars.


Smell the air from your inner mind and imagination
See how it

looks from the images formed by chambers of fire
Draw the line what direction it came and where it goes, then
Search the traces from every twigs broken and falling branches
And you will understand the sadness when air whistles at noon.


Listen once again don’t miss the sound of the wind
Flapping like angel wings escaping from heaven’s jail
Like a screaming thunder behind dark clouds in the winter
Like a tear drop from a wounded heart and fearless stare
Like a child crying from an empty crib and feeding bottles without milk.



4:24am Friday


Article Written By juny

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