How Often Do You Make Promises

I don’t remember when I stopped believing that love is not a fairy tale. That love is not a possession and anytime soon, it might flew away.

I dreamed so much about us, me and only you. Sometimes I even wish you would remain a dream, so I can wake each day normally without you around. Then, when I want to be with you, all I do is sleep and dream of you. In my dreams, you are mine and none is there to interfere us. In my dreams, I am sure you are mine forever.

In any possible way, I

do not like promises. I always hear from movies and read from books that promises are only made to be broken. This was planted on my mind and was hard to uproot. I thought it was a childless thing, but goodness, I always fear promises. Whenever

I hear someone give me a promise, I feel this prick in my heart and unconsciously my lips curved saying “ maybe, maybe it is true”.

What do you call someone who has fear of promises? I even ask myself why I am having this phobia. Aw, blame it to love stories that I’ve read and seen? Not everyone broke his or her promise to me, only a few and not so special one. Maybe, I have this fear because I expect too much from you. Yah, I expect too much and I cannot imagine my dreams shatter right before my eyes.
Sometimes I wish, you were just a dream, so each time I want to be with you all I have to do is, to sleep.

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