Someone Must Say Goodbye For The Right One To Come Along

Is this a philosophy or a consolation? I am not sure, but better to consider than any other reason.

Why do people cry once they say and when they hear the word “goodbye” in a relationship? When someone walk out the door leaving the word “goodbye” made the world stopped for a while. Made us numb, made us cry, made us speechless and then screamed out why. Friends say, let go and move on, he is not worth crying for. Maybe someone better is soon to arrive so, someone must say goodbye.

What a nice consolation, what a good bargain for

a broken heart. But, what if that someone who bid goodbye took my heart when he walks out the door. What if, that person imprisoned my heart in his soul and he doesn’t know about it. Did anyone know the way to find him so I can take
my heart back to me before the new one comes along? One more question, how will I ever know if the new one is the right one? What is the assurance that this new one will never leave me too?

Someone must say goodbye to give way for the right one to come. I wish this time it is for real before my heart get tired of waiting. I hope the new one is the perfect love that they say “will come once in a lifetime”. Someone to make me understand that love never dies but only needs one caring hand to keep it alive. Who, will make me feel my importance that I am worth loving for the rest of his life.

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