To Someone I Once Called Daddy

Where ever you are whatever you do and in everyday of your life I know you knew you are still a dad for me.


Here I go again playing with our memories once more. You might have thought that time had set me free, but the feelings remains the same and never outgrew. Only you can fill all the space inside my heart and you alone can content all my doubts. There is no sense pretending because I can’t stand on my own and my heart still not mending. Dad I miss everything about you and I just can’t live without


Where ever you are I know you miss me too. Whatever you do, I know you still think of me once in a while. Every day of your life I know you feel the same

as I do, because you do remember the love I found in you. I wish you can find the way back to where we have started. I hope one day I can call you dad like before and be my guide for the rest of my life. For no one has taught me love like you have showed me and no arms ever hold me like you do.

To someone I called dad once in this life; I hope you can feel me trying to reach your hand and I am here waiting for you to call my name.


1:10am Tuesday

Article Written By juny

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