Social Sites Are Like Parks

Social sites original intention is to make people from different places socialize through internet. Socialize in the sense of making friends, connecting old friends, lost relatives and love ones. But behind the success of its original intent there are sad truth behind the smiles and stories each social site members dare to reveal.


Who would think that despite the success of social sites in connecting people, it turned out that it also causes destruction to many relationships. In addition, many sad events are occurring with social sites members. It’s funny when people starts blaming the social sites for unwanted events particularly

Facebook. Perhaps it is partly related but it should not be entirely blamed to any social sites or the internet. One must be aware what kind of people are behind the internet and should use the net accordingly. Same thing with social sites, everyone should know why does sites owner creates social sites and its original intent. Every social site member must be responsible enough with the usage of social networks.


There is nothing

wrong with making friends as long as you know your limitations. Like in real life, we make friends or meet new friends but we know every limit of boundaries. Social sites are not by far, every action and movement should have limit particularly with married ones or those who have partners in life. Social sites like Facebook should not be blamed alone when things went wrong. Social sites are like parks wherein people go for a walk, stroll to release some stress or loneliness and not to seek any troubles. In case something goes wrong, who will blame the park, or are you going to blame the park? Who is in his or her sane mind would do it either?


Then why blame any social sites when someone broke with his or her partner?


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