How To Get Rid Of Red Ants In My Kitchen

Small red ants are small yet giving a big trouble in my kitchen this morning. Anyone knows how I can get rid of these tiny creatures before I ruined my sink.

I woke up this morning (actually, late morning) to prepare a quick breakfast for my little prince before he goes to school. I reached out the kettle to fill it with water to boil when I saw this army of tiny creatures marching graciously. Gracious! Where they came from? Okay, I fill the kettle with water and light up the stove and check back the marching tiny armies. Carefully I

tried to trace where are they going and where they came from. The marching band is heading to the sink, going down to the cabinet where cookwares kept in place. I opened the cabinet door following the marching band and landed on one of my stainless cooking ware. Oh well, I think I know the reason why these tiny armies came to check my cookwares. :p

Last night, my youngest son done the dishes and for sure did not manage to wash the

cookwares thoroughly again. This is not the first time he did it. He has no problem washing the plates, glass, spoon and fork. However, when it comes to cooking wares, he forgot to check it thoroughly. But, I doubt it’s the reason for I have him reminded while he is doing his chores last night. He rushed to finish his work so he can go on with his online games (duh).I called my son and showed him what he has done and he just give me a glance, the same old look each time this happen. Don’t ever ask why there are ants, I know the answer “mom, they want food, let them have some share” :p.

Now my son gives me extra work to do, driving the marching band out of the house, especially out from my kitchen. I love to hear band singing and playing songs in my kitchen but not this bunch of red ants that bites.

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