Sometimes I Wish Everyone Is A Kid

Sometimes I wish everyone is a kid then there is no greed and everyone will be contented with small things and happiness.

Have you ever thought about it too?

Selecting gifts, what to give to our loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances give this thought. I do not have any problem with small kiddo, simple toys are enough to make them giggle, not to mention just seeing a box of gift is more than enough to make them jump with joy. While, spending a little for a ring or any jewelry will not even give satisfaction to the receiver. Why can’t everyone

become a kid for a while when receiving gifts or something from a giver?

 The Giver;
You spend time selecting the best.
Spending extra money than usual.
With full hopes that your gift will be appreciated.

The Receiver;
Expecting the best, sometimes an expensive one (admit it)

/> Wishing and to receive a gift more than what you expect.

Fine, we have different thoughts when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. I know there are people who give gifts for the sake this season, gift-giving season without the real thoughts (okay, never mind them) but for people who heartily give gifts, this gift giving season means a lot to them. This is not everyday, so I agree that this should be special. Once again, I wish everyone will become a kid when receiving gifts, no complain but accept gifts with big smile and happy faces. But of course, a genuine gesture and not for the sake of appreciation.

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