Sleeping With Your Enemy

Marriage is the only war where you sleep with your enemy. Your house is like a warzone where two fighting people sleep sweetly together after each fight.

A fight between husband and wife is normal in all marriages, but I am not talking about physical fights or abusive relationship. I am referring to petty quarrels, misunderstanding and word war of loving couples. This war usually ended up in something sweet and intimate moments, so to speak, sleeping with your enemy in the end. Marriage as they say is not complete without those spices of love, hate and war. It makes the

relationship stronger and knowing each difference under one roof called the battle zone. Marriage war simply means to make two people discover each weakness and defend each stronger side. I wonder if this strategy “sleeping with your enemy” applied to the real world of wars. Would this be helpful?

Sleeping with your enemy

sounds funny, but it is true. Have you ever seen true enemies sleeping together or two soldiers from different countries sleeping in one bed after trying to kill each other? Only married couples are doing this thing, sleeping together after a fight. What makes the war exciting is they just do not end up sleeping together; they end up doing more fights under the blanket. This situation goes for years, but this two fighting enemies never gave up what they are fighting for, whatever it is. Marriage therefore is the best example of warzone where you sleep with your enemy. Imagine if this happens in the real world of war. Then two fighting counties will end up sleeping together, I mean, the citizens sleeping together, including the presidents.



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