Situations When Receiving Calls From Unknown Caller

What is the funniest experience you ever had with people calling a wrong a number and have you had same experience dialing a wrong number?


I am sure almost everyone who has a mobile phone or landline phone has experience receiving a wrong call and dialing a number to call. There are funny experiences and there are annoying ones too. But the cutest story is when a wrong number call turns into a love story with a happy ending. Yes a happy ending because not every love story has a happy ending right? Here are funny confessions that most people experience

when receiving a wrong call or dialing a wrong number.

Receiving funny, sweet, shocking and annoying wrong calls
When the caller says “hello honey” but the voice is not familiar. You are hesitant to answer because the voice sounds different from your wife/husband. Maybe you feel shock for a moment because no one calls you honey or any sweet address. It is either you swallow some air before answering and ask “may I know who is this” or you will just disconnect the call without saying a word.

One of the most shocking experiences is when a caller

is cursing, shouting and screaming at the top of his/her lungs. I am sure you will be frozen for a moment before you shout back. Not actually shout back, but to ask who the hell is he/she cursing or what is his/her problem. But, if the caller won’t give you any chance to talk, the best thing to do is disconnect the call.

A funny experience is when you receive a call from a crying caller. Since the caller is crying and sobbing you may keep asking hello or why, what happened. It takes some time before the caller replied and says a word just to find out that he/she is calling a wrong number.

The most annoying experience is when the same caller called again and insists he/she is calling or dialed the right number.


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