Sing Me Your Song Again Daddy

Do you still remember when your daddy use to sing you a song during bedtime? I am not sure how many of you are closer to their dads than their mommy, or maybe both.

Are you closer to your daddy than your mommy, or is it vice versa. I know you love both your parents, but I am also sure you are closer to either one of them. However, would you believed if I tell you I am not close to my dad, either my mom? Nope, I don’t hate them and I love them both, it just happen that I

lived with my grandparents and I am closer to my grandfather than my granny. Oh well, I called my grandfather “daddy” and he use to sing me a song instead of reading bedtime stories.

Its forty years ago, no, thirty-seven I guess as far as I could remember things when I was three years old. Daddy sings me his song every night, it is not a lullaby, and he does not know any. He sings me old folk songs from his native province

that I only understand a few words when I was a kid. I never mind the lyrics anyway, for daddy’s voice is the best for my ears. He does not need any accompaniment to sing a melodious song with lyrics unknown to my understanding. My daddy’s song registered in my mind, as I grow old.

Now I am too old for my daddy’s song and my daddy is too far to sing for me anymore. I miss his voice but the song lingers in my mind. Sometimes I hum his song pretending he is besides me combing my hair as he used to do. I wish daddy would sing his song for me once again. I wish to be a kid even for a moment and forget whatever worries this aged life has given me. I want to be a kid free from misery, away from troubled mind and sleep in peace with my daddy’s old melodious song.

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