A Sincere Apology

When someone said sorry it does not always mean that you are right and the other person is wrong. Sometimes it gives you something to learn that a king is not wearing a pride on his head but wearing a crown with pride.

Does admitting mistake and asking apology make you a lesser person for swallowing your pride?

When someone said sorry, it does not always mean that you are right and the other person is wrong. He or she value the relationship more than anything and will never take pride in place of you. Maybe that person wants you to

realize how important you are if you only knew how to appreciate a sincere apology. If someone can set aside his or her pride, then why you can’t? Maybe your pride

can make you proud, but a sincere person is a possession you can be proud of.

Why it is that some people are having a hard time saying sorry or asking apology to others. Why some people prefer to save their pride rather than saving a relationship. How many relationships broke all because of egoism. How many more relationship are going to end only to save a pride. I wonder what satisfaction is behind saving a pride than saving a relationship. If pride means glory then there is no need to value any relationship and everyone must wear their ego as crown.


6-15-2012 1:57pm Friday

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