Simple Steps To Make A Woman Feel She Is A Queen For One Day

I am sure on this one; every woman wants to feel like a queen, treated like a queen and be the queen of her own kingdom with or without a palace even for one day.

What a girl wants, what a woman wished and hope for is a long list but for sure, to feel, treated like a queen is one common dream of every woman. If anyone disagrees, you have all the right to express your views after reading this one. Here are simple steps to make a woman feels she is a queen even for one day.

1) Start the

day with breakfast in bed. Of course, you must prepare a special breakfast aside from her favorite breakfast meal.

2) Bring her to a special parlor that offers full body massage and facial treatment. A gold facial treatment is the best I could suggest. It’s not too expensive either and she will surely love this one. Not every woman ever experience to have this facial treatment in her whole life. Giving her the best is your aim anyway then, don’t you ever have a second thought no matter how it costs.

3) Bring her to her favorite boutique and tell her she can pick all her choice. All her choice of dress, tops, over tops, shoes, perfumes as well as undies. To give her a total satisfaction, tell her to shop a wardrobe she needs for a whole year.

4) She might be tired then so make her feel relaxed and rest for sometime. Bring her to a restaurant with a nature’s ambience for a lunch. Ask her what more she like or anything she needs and wants to buy (maybe she still needs more for her wardrobe and dresser)

5) Wardrobe is not complete without

a set of jewelry. Now it’s time for pearls, gold or diamond, let her choose.

6) For the final touch, a surprise dinner of your choice, yes this time it’s your choice. Don’t spoil the night rather make it the most of all the nights. Remember that you have already spend a lot so, make the evening enough reason to give yourself the reward for a day.

7) Wait, do not forget the gift, something she wished and dreamed for so long. A week vacation of her dream travel or maybe a brand new car she’s been longing for. (whatever you know will give her the surprise of her life)

These are simple steps to make a woman feel she is not just a queen, but also the most important woman in your life. Never mind the expenses, those are just simple steps nothing complicated aint? But wait, if these steps doesn’t work that much just send me a message and I will give you other steps. Every woman has different dream and wishes so you must consider the result whether this will work or not. Maybe these steps are too simple and your woman wants a little spice or additional expenses; and my next tips will work better, so, try these steps first before I gave you other tips. Let me remind you one thing, check your bank account, savings, credit card before you blame me guys :p

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