What Do You Know About Call Center ?

If you are an aspiring call center agent, here are some common guide and tips for you.

Overview of a Call Center

What is a call center?
>A call center is an umbrella term that generally refers to reservation centers, help desk and information lines.
>A call center is a place for the purpose of receiving and transmitting large volume of calls by telephone.

What is a call center agent?
>Is a person who handles incoming or outgoing call for a business,
>A call center agent might handle account inquiries, complaints or support issues.


Other names for a call center agents are;

Customer Care Representative
>Telephone sales or service representative, and
TSR- Technical Support Representative
>Attendant, associates, operator, account executive who deals with account problem (in higher degree)


There are two main kinds of a call center agent; inbound and outbound
Inbound call center agent- answering incoming calls from customers.
>take orders
>answer inquiries and questions
>handles complaints
>troubleshoot and provide information
>troubleshooting (for technical department)

Outbound call center agents- are almost, always telemarketing companies, fund raising firms or collection agencies
>call people usually unsolicited to sell products
>call people for their due dates (for collection agencies and the likes)

Skills Needed By A Call Center Agent
Communication Skills- includes, grammar, pronunciation, intonation and articulation ( neutralized American accent)
Computer Skills- Keyboarding, Internet Navigation, Software Applications etc.
Ability to learn and apply procedures- Scripting, Product knowledge, Trainable and easy to learn

/> Developing Customer Rapport- Ability to talk and communicate with confidence. Establish sense of comfort and gained trust of the customer.
Discovering Customer Needs- Aware of customer’s basic needs, feelings and concerns. People oriented
Teamwork- friendly and approachable, most call center agents work in teams/groups
Multi-tasking- talking while typing or navigating the internet, taking notes while talking with the customer or simultaneous performance of two or more tasks,
Sales Orientation (for outbound telemarketer)- selling skills, ability to persuade people to buy.

Next article are common questions during call center interviews and sample answers.

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