Philippines Tragedy

Morning has broken like all every morning, but Saturday morning of December 17, 2011 hit the news, print and media all over the world.

Most Filipino families are busy preparing for this season knowing that my country the Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas celebration in the whole world. Most houses decorated with Christmas spirits, lights, and lanterns, while inside houses there were Christmas trees with gifts spread underneath. December 17, 2011 Iligan City Philippines one tragedy stops the Jingle Bells and makes the place Silent Night. Not maybe literally a silent night, for you can hear mourners in

every corners of that place.

Death toll now reached 516 and expected to rise these following days and hundreds are still missing. Rescuers keep exploring the sea and digging the mud in search of bodies, might be dead or alive. While hopeful families of survivors are

patiently waiting for any news of their missing loved ones. The displaced villagers were given the bitterest gifts of coffin or body bags. A thing no one wants to receive, not on this season or supposedly merriment holiday of the year.

If our hearts break watching and reading the news, how would you define the feelings of those people who faced this tragedy and dilemma? A mother who lost her child, a father who lost his family and who will mourn for the whole family that dies together on that frightful night. Packed your clothes, share those groceries from your storage and withdraw some from your savings. That will give the real essence of gift giving this holiday season. Keep the Jingle Bells to break this Silent Night!

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