Significance Of Good Intention

A good intention must be coupled with action.
A good intention not pursued cannot be called as good intention at all.


But let’s not judge and jump into conclusions why a good intention is not put into action.
There might be reason why it is not pursued and we must take those into consideration.
One reason might be lack of opportunity, which somehow can be a good and valid reason right?
A good example is when you want to help someone but, you don’t have the ability to do so.
There are many good intentions left undone for a person who

lacks opportunity, knowing much that good intentions usually comes in form of money.

Another reason is when the other person doesn’t want to accept the help being offered for doubting the good intention we want to extend.
You might feel desperate in this situation and pitied the person for doubting, but this kind of action can be considered consummated for being pursued.
As long as you have the urge of doing good things to other people, in every situation, having no second thoughts signifies the good intention of your whole being.

/> It’s not everyday that we are given the chance of helping other people, so, grab every opportunity to do one good deeds and you will be benefitted at the end.
As the saying goes “reap what you sow” and every good deeds done with good intention will never comes out with bad results.

From the moment you plan to pursue any good intention, always bear in mind that there might be some hindrance to arise.
Whether it is due to some circumstances or might be the other person will decline.
At the end of the day you can tell yourself, you’ve done your best without having any feeling of regrets.
And sleep with gladness, contentment, peace of mind for another day that passed having done a task meant for you.



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