Should I Blame Love Or The Person I Love?

Should I blame love for making me think of you everyday, or should I blame you for making me fall in love and feeling this way? Tell me fast before my timer stops, say it quick before the clock stops ticking, or I shall pass this day with no response.

The reason why I am still writing is that I still believe and have faith in you. The reason why I still keep saying “hi” is not because it is my habit or to start a conversation with you, but, to remind you that you are one of the best things

that ever happened to me. Should you blame me for loving you this way, or should I blame you for loving me your way.

There are times that we feel some gap in our relationship. It seems the flame slowly fading when its not. It is because we feel insecure for no reason or having doubts with no basis. It is like searching wrong when everything is fine, or mending a hole when things are perfectly all right. Love drives me crazy when you know I am very dumb. Love

makes you in sane once you are insane.

No one is to be blame, not love either. We felt this feeling, it comes naturally, and love knows nothing. Therefore, I never ask why when you hurt me; it is my choice to be in love. No one forces me to love you; no one drags me to be in this relationship. Your freewill brings me into this situation, use your freedom to decide in the end.

Why I am here writing once again, why I am here opening my heart? Because no matter what I do, it seems words are not enough t make you feel how much I love you. I wish to hug you to make me feel fine. I hope to kiss you to make me feel you are mine. I wish to see your smile to assure myself you have never changed. Because I can feel, you are slowly fading in my memory every second of the day.


5-21-2012 3:44am Monday PT

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