A Shocking Experience Surviving From A Fire

You will never get to know the exact feeling on how people face disasters and unexpected events unless you experienced it in real life. It is easy to say you do not need to be there to understand how scary it is, but real experience is totally different than assuming how it feels. Real experience cannot even describe the whole thing after it happened.


April 22, 2012 Sunday at around 11:10 am, when a three-door apartment in our area was seen with smoke and a house-maid running holding two small kids shouting for help. Other tenants and neighbors came to rescue

trying to put off the fire from the first door using the laundry hose. After a few minutes, we heard a blast and big ball of fire coming out from the roof. The fire spread too fast due to an LPG blast and there comes another blast eating the next door. My house is just 10 meters away from the burning apartment. I never felt any panic; but felt sad watching the fire getting bigger and higher with only one small fire-truck fighting great ball of fire. The fire caught another house from the other side of the road. Glass windows from houses across the burning apartment started to break.

Few minutes later the whole apartment looks like a little hell and suddenly I felt like I woke up from a dream. I run to my house thinking to save important documents and I saw a fire coming from

a gap between the firewall. My son runs to the kitchen door pulling the hose from our terrace. Few friends came to check for help and saw the fire coming above the firewall. One neighbor pulled their hose and sprayed waters towards the fire pepping from the firewall. I went inside the house and switch off the main power. I collect all-important documents that I could reach and run outside the house without closing any doors. All I had in mind, material things are never important in cases like this.

I stayed in a far distant waiting and watching as more fire trucks coming for help. I was praying silently hoping the fire won’t reach my house. At exactly 12 noon, the fire is totally under control. It was the time that I felt my hands shaky and tears coming down my cheeks. You can never tell when disaster strike. Thanks God no one is harm aside from two dogs died due to suffocation. A three-door apartment turned to ashes in barely an hour. Millions worth of material assets was lost in just an hour. After one more hour, I stepped inside my house and I look all the things around me. I whispered to myself “all these material things takes me time to saved money to buy, yet, in times of crisis it will never occur in your mind to salvage any”.

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