Several Factors That May Affect Your Mood

Mood is a temporary feeling of disposition. There are several factors that might be affecting your mood and you should know the main source to stop feeling bad.

Mood swing is a sudden change of feeling due to different reasons. There are several factors that may affect your daily routine or might ruin your whole life. To avoid spoiling other people lives you should know the source why you are having a bad hair day.

? Weather- summer or hot days gives you headache most of the time. Hot weather makes you uncomfortable, irate and impossible. So, you must be aware that

during summer season you should always wear cool smiles and shades of laughter.

? Health- if you suffering from any illness, whether it is a simple cold, sore throat, cough, slight fever that automatically changes your mood. Visit your doctor, preferably stay at home and have some rest. That way you will avoid spreading the virus as well as sharing a bad mood.

? Hormonal imbalance- this is common for women, however also happens with men. During monthly period women tends to become moody and irate. Most people assume

a women having her period when she is moody, but for men there is no sign when they are suffering hormonal imbalance as well,

? Problem- probably the most common reason for both genders. Not everyone is good when it comes to hiding his/her problem. Some people are very transparent that one can read when they are in trouble. One must be careful dealing with someone carrying a burden for you never know when someone becomes violent no matter how humble they are.

There are other factors that may affect someone’s mood. We don’t know either when mood swings strikes us. The best remedy is taking a deep breath then tells yourself to take it easy. In case you can’t handle the stress, better lock yourself in your room and let the feeling flow until you feel fine.


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