Seven Tips To Release Pain Of A Broken Heart

Suffering from a broken heart and you want to move on but you find it too hard to make? Here are simple ways to get rid of the person that caused you pain of a broken heart.

I know it is not easy to mend a broken heart no matter how the other person hurt you; still it is not easy to forget the good times. You want to move on and keep telling yourself you hate the person, yet your action denies every word you speak. Here are simple tips that might help you. These tips might not help you

to forget the person totally, but somehow will help you to release some pain. Try and follow these tips, it is not expensive though and it will not harm you either. You can try these tips alone or have a friend to help you for fun.

1. Choose a clear photo of his/her smiling face and have it print on a large size enough for you to see a clear view in a far distant.
      Paste the photo on a dartboard and do your best throw.
     If you do not have any dartboard, use any board or simply paste the photo on your wall and throw things of your choice. You can throw your TV sets if you want to, the bigger thing you throw the more tension you release.

2. Cut or tear the photo and burn it.
       Collect the ashes and flush in the toilet bowl or sink.
3. Wrap the photo in any vegetable and slice it the way you want.
Paste the photo in a pillow and stab it until

you get tired.
Burn, collect the ashes and flush in the toilet bowl or sink.

4. Print a smaller photo of his/her face and paste in any animal or insect.
Write every word you want to say, imagine you are talking to him/her in real.
Burn the photo, collect the ashes and flushed in the toilet bowl or sink.

5. Drop the photo on the floor, kick it, stomp, spit on until the face become blur and unrecognized.
Burn, collect the ashes and flush in the toilet bowl or sink.

6. Fold his/her photo into a paper boat and watch it sail away or sink on the river or sea.

7. Paste the photo on a big balloon, write a big letter “GOODBYE” and let it go into the air.
Wave goodbye and watched it go until it disappear in your sight and scream out loud, it will help you to release pain or any anger

I hope it lessen the burden after following all the tips above. However, if the pain never lessens and you still feel the same, I suggest you to confront the person who broke your heart. Therefore, if that is the case, I still have one more tips for you. Once you find the person, give him/her a big slap or a punch on the face or, give him/her a last kiss on the lips. Make your choice :p


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