In Search Of Finding True Love

Don’t search for true love, it will come in due time synchronized by fate and luck.

Don’t search for true love, it will come in due time synchronized by fate and luck.

In relation to my latest article “I wish to write my own love story” here comes an update in search of finding true love. The internet is not the best option in search of true love but not a desperate move as well. Let say success stories of internet love affair could be possibly one percent and ninety percent belongs to different categories such as fun, money and tragic ending. Who knows, your luck is ninety percent and that one percent missing is just a

click away through the internet either from social or from dating sites.

Can you still remember the pen pal column from newspaper, magazines and other print ad materials? That’s the old trend of finding love from the other part of the globe and people never make a big fuss about it decades ago. So why this modern technology is condemned by many when the two people collide through the internet? Can anyone justify the difference of the old trend and this

new fad in search of finding true love? Don’t you think that St. Valentine’s arrow cannot reach someone from the North if the arrow comes from the South?

Love happens in the most unexpected places and time that’s what everybody knows. It could happen to you, to him, to her and me the least we expect it to come. The more you deny it, the more it comes nearer and before you knew it you’re deeply in love without any escape. Because, true love comes in due time synchronized by fate and luck that no one can resist no matter how you ignore. It comes once in a lifetime so never miss this chance of a lifetime before the worldwideweb crashes down.



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