Abusive Relationship

This is often heard “for the sake of our kid/s” when asking an emotionally or physically battered wife. It is enough reason to stay in an abusive relationship.


I never judge every woman, just thinking aloud one time I am talking with a battered wife. She has two small kids and her reason for staying in an abusive relationship is “for the sake of our kids”. Her husband is having an affair with another woman, though he is supporting them financially, he always hurt her physically when she started to nag and jealous. Her husband even threatened her for a separation

if she won’t stop nagging about his affair. I want to understand her reason “for the sake of the kids” but why use the kids as reason for staying.

What if the relationship doesn’t work in the long run and still end up in separation. What if the husband leaves them, would the mother blame the kids after?

One reason for staying in an abusive relationship is unstable finances. I guess this reason is more acceptable for me. I understand how does it feels for a mother to see her kids hungry when she cannot afford to feed them since she doesn’t has any work. In this case, she prefers to endure the physical and emotional pain for staying in a relationship. How

about the emotional stress unknowingly absorb by the kids each time they witnessed such kind of violence at home. A home, a kid considered as the safest place for them to stay. Another thing that bothers me, she is pregnant. I cannot ask her how it feels sleeping with her husband after those insult and physical pain. Is it because of love?

 Are women born to become martyr?

I want to justify love is the answer, but how and where is love in this situation. I admire women who fight for their rights and stand on their own. I know not everyone are of the same situation and brave enough to speak out their minds. I only wish, kids supposed to be enough reason for a mother/woman to struggle and fight for her freedom and for her kids’ peace of mind. I know how hard and how it hurts to have a broken family, but reality and acceptance is the only way to correct things. This plight could happen to men though it is seldom heard, often kept in silence.

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