The Long And Winding Road -a Poem

I will follow the long and winding road, no matter how endless it is to reach wherever you are.


I was standing there staring at the horizon blankly.
Then flash came right in front of my eyes like in a movie theatre,
I saw us holding hand in hand walking through the aisle.
You are looking down at me, as we kneel down and pray.



We close our eyes and silently say a prayer.
I prayed you would be blessed with a long life and good health,
Tears fall down and I feel you wipe my cheeks with your palm.
While you said “ I prayed you lived and stayed healthy for me”


I smiled back, as we said the same prayer in our minds.
You brushed my hair with your fingers and stared in my eyes with deep feelings,
As if, you are memorizing every line of my face.
And I paint your memory in my heart with great love and care.


Suddenly everything went blur and I saw a road that seems so endless.

never realized I am walking and moving trying to find out where the road might lead me.
I close my eyes and open hoping the road to vanish in front of me.
To my amazement, the road is real and I am in the middle of it walking.


I want to turn back, but I saw darkness beyond compare,
I decided to follow the road and hope for an answer.
I saw a light coming from afar and getting nearer,
I walk and run feeling that a great surprise awaits not too far.


As I approach the ending point, I saw a shadow standing there.
The face becomes clear and a smile waits so dear.
Then I hear your voice sweet and soft and my heart leap,
“Thank you for following this road that leads you back to me” my beloved juny.

Article Written By juny

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