Risk Of Blind Date

Blind date is exciting but is also risky. Exciting because it is a new experience and you are guessing how the person looks like. Risky because, it is either you will love your blind date instantly or you will curse the person who set the blind date for you.


Maybe some considered blind date an adventure or a new experience full of thrill. Imagine yourself guessing how the person looks like. What kind of attitude the person has or what kind of status in the society he/she belongs. Perhaps the person who sets you up with this adventure have given you

some hint about your blind date, but still you cannot avoid your mind from expecting or exaggerating. Aside from excitement there is also a risk associates with blind date. What if the person is opposite from what you are expecting. What if the person excels from your expectation and you feel like a chicken facing an eagle. Blind date only means two, it is either you will enjoy every minute, or you will curse the person who sets this new experience the

moment you saw your blind date.


If the person excels your expectations you have two options. Whether he/she will continue with the next phase or he/she will never ask your contact number. That depends on how you bargain yourself without making yourself looks a second best. That is one risk of it, you like him/her but he/she doesn’t like you at all. Be ready with the result not to break your heart before you reach the first base. On the other hand, if your blind date displays public affection but you are not interested to continue the date, be ready to hold his/her heart. You should know how to gently break somebody’s heart. Blind date sounds exciting and risky. You will only get to know the feeling or what makes it exciting and risky until you saw or met your blind date.


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