The Rights Of Every Child

Every child has no choice to choose a parent and it’s not the child’s wish to be born either. So what is this illegitimate child that the society judged for?


Who says illegitimate child doesn’t have any rights to claim anything from his or her biological parents?


It’s not the child’s fault to be born out of wedlock. It’s not the child’s wish to be born from elicit affairs. If every child has the right to choose a parent, surely a child will choose a dignified mother and a wealthy father. So, how this illegitimate child originate, is it from the so-called

righteous society or from the unfair human law of justice? Why not reverse the judgment and call the parents illegitimate instead of calling the innocent children an illegitimate child.


When two being decided to enter unjust passionate affair behind their legal partners, there is no children in between who wish to be born from these kinds of people. Who do you think committed illegal acts,

is it the innocent child or the sinners? Now why deprived every child born out of wed-lock any rights to claim what supposed to be his or hers? No children wish to be born only to suffer the consequences his or her parent’s mistake. No children want to be born to be humiliated, judged and redeem the sin of his or her parents.


Illegitimate child, they are children deprived of the right to live a normal life. Do you think it is fair to deprive them to live as human like anybody else? Who are you to judge them?


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