The Right To Know The Truth No Matter How It Hurts

The truth always set us free from burden and many questions. But there are truths that we wish to hide and bring in our grave rather than hurting people that we love so much.


Remembering the song “why do we always hurt the one we love”. No one wish to hurt someone they love in any ways although it is inevitable. To avoid hurting the one they love some prefer to keep secrets till death. But, how many people succeed in hiding the truth and how many overcome the guilt of keeping a secret? You may say you want to hear

the truth no matter how it hurts but, do you have the courage to hurt the one you love if ever you are on his/her shoes? To those who have secrets, how long you can endure the feeling of guilt hiding the truth, would you really prefer to bring that secret to your grave than setting yourself free?


I guess that is a case to case basis and depends upon the situation. Probably

it depends on how heavy the load is or how sensitive the matter to disclose with. I wonder how many secrets are buried along with the person and how many secrets are revealed soon or after the concern person died. I wonder how many who hurt their love ones after telling the truth find forgiveness and how many are cursed. Are you ready to face the truth no matter how it hurts, or would you prefer to live a life full of lies than hating the one you love. Do you think your conscience can give you a peaceful life or would you prefer to hurt the one you love by telling him/her the truth.


There are many questions in life that you may find another question for an answer.


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