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I received this comment from an anonymous reader in one of my Experts columns and inspired me to publish this article. I wish that whoever you are, you will come to visit Expertscolumn again and get the chance to read my response to your comment.

Dear Juny,
I wish one day you will follow your own instruction. I hope to see you happy and in love again.

Hello Anonymous,
Upon reading your comment, I admit that you hit me straight, like a jolt. I felt the guilt slowly crawling down my spine sending little spark inside my head “wake up Juny,

wake up”. Your request is like a hope that suddenly arouses the sleeping person in me. Apparently your words are like hands that rescued my hope drowned in failed dreams and broken promises. Your wish awakens me from a deep puzzle and I look in the mirror trying to find my old self. Why did I seem to have forgotten the real world?

Am I a prisoner of the past? No, I know I am not.

I know it is quite difficult to teach a heart that seemed to have given up the battle. Writing is my only way to

speak my heart’s unfortunate destiny. Do I sound like an expert on narrative experiences, because it is easier to instruct the right direction if you went there..? Dear Anonymous, maybe I just do not notice the passage of time and I am stuck in the world of writing. The happiness of providing cessation to wounded hearts gives me consolation that made me forget that I myself require healing a broken heart.

You hope to see me happy and in love again?
Sure, I will and I hope this is the right time. All I need is to wait for the right person to come along and one day I will come to write how love finds its way back to me.

Thank you for giving me some light.

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