A Relationship Without A Name

In friendship there are friends you have not considered a real friend but they stayed no matter what. Be in love, there are two people living together without love between them, in other words they are using each other for their own benefits. Who will understand them, but who are we to judge them either? There are certain relationships that are quite hard to understand, relationships that are beyond the norms. It is so surprising how those people cope and linger in such situation.

Have you ever thought of considering your neighbor a friend when actually you did not know each

other well? How do you say you love someone if there are things you do not like about him or her? What do you call those who always understand but have never felt appreciation from the people they love? Moreover, what kind of a person is the one who took advantage of the kindness from people who love them? All of these
situations are caused by relationship, but what kind of relationship is there?

Have you ever heard of a relationship called love without honor? An unlawful affair and a baseless relationship justified by distorted thoughts of other people. Sometimes people think any conceivable name for a relationship just to say it is right then lastly they would insist its unconditional love. Disturbed logic usually blinded many people to indulge in a wrong relationship. Do you still wonder when someone may respond it is the trend of this modern time?

A relationship is a bind, a romantic or passionate connection of two people. A relationship is a state of affair, a specific type of kinship or a family bond. What kind of relationship do you have right now? Is it a relationship without a name?


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