How Can You Mend A Broken Heart

A situation no one wish to experience and feel. How painful it is when someone you love, someone who gives you inspiration suddenly ignored you and makes you feel rejected?

There is always a reason behind rejection and ignored. It might be due to many workloads, or personal issues that we do not want to disclose and wish to keep it for ourselves. We do not want to ignore our loved ones intentionally, but it happens beyond our knowledge. We are confident that they will understand. However, did we ever consider their feelings? Did we ever try to understand them


Have we ever tried putting ourselves on their shoe, and feel the pain of being ignored, or rejected?
If we keep thinking for ourselves alone, we will never understand the pain we are giving to our loved ones. We will never know how much they suffer each time we rejected them. Stop justifying ourselves for having reason, yes it is given, we have reasons why we ignored them. Nevertheless, ignoring them many times for same reason is not valid anymore. It is not being selfish already. When are we going to realize our mistake, when we lost someone?

If we lost someone due to our negligence, who

is to be blamed?

We want to be understood by everyone, then, let us give time to understand people around us, especially those ones who are showing us too much love. A little attention and care is enough to make them feel they are important. They are not asking the whole of us, just a part of us to make them complete. Is it too hard to give, or are we too insensitive and inconsiderate to them.

I do not believe in the saying that “repentance comes at last”.

Why wait for that last moment to repent, when we have all the time to correct a mistake before it is too late. Why allow someone to leave or lose before realizing its worth when we know from the start how important that person is. Repentance only comes at last for those who pretend that they never knew the outcome, when in fact they know it from the beginning.
We still have enough time, …….
Sit and think for a while.


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