Reasons Why You Should Not Get Drunk

I do not understand a person who complains of having headache and hangover after a drinking session the last night, yet, do the same thing the following night.

My father is a certified drunkard and I hate the smell of hard drinks liquor or beverages that contains alcohol. Don’t condemn me guys, I don’t hate drunkard people as long as they know how to handle themselves. But for goodness sake, why you keep complaining having headaches or hang-over after a drinking session. Then keep drinking and got drunk the following night again. I just can’t see the logic, help me understand

please. Oh no, don’t tell me I should drink and get drunk to understand you. What I am saying is, do not complain of headache, hangover and never ask me what shameful things you’ve ever done.

Again, my father is a certified drunkard. Have you ever seen anyone who gargle gin first thing in the morning? Do you know someone who ask for the dextrose to be replaced with gin while being confined, saying it will cure him faster? Well, if you haven’t seen or never met someone like this person, you can meet my father anytime. But, you must bring a bottle of gin to make his day

promising for any interview. The good thing about my father being a certified drunkard, he never shouts on the streets asking for fight or asking who is brave to wrestle with him. He is not a boxer anyway, he just love gin and once he is drunk, he started singing to make himself sleep. (lols)

Oh, I forgot about my blog. What are the reasons why you should not get drunk? Check out the photos and you will know. I wish and hope this never happens to you, or to anyone. However, if you see yourself here (in one of the photos) I beg your pardon. This is not my personal photography; I never took these pictures myself. These photos are only shared in my social site and I want to share with you guys. I hope this will serve as a reminder and a warning. Be careful next time you get drunk, maybe it’s your photo that will be posted and shared in my social site tomorrow.

check out the photos

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