Reasons Why You Should Eat Chocolates

This article is dedicated to all call center agents who loves eating chocolate to keep them awake during graveyard shift, but over-eating also make them obese. Keep on reading why you should keep eating chocolate but try to avoid getting fat instead keep healthy and in shape.

Do you have sweet tooth like me who always craves for chocolates but afraid of getting fat? You can still have it everyday but make sure to limit the intake unless you are willing to run for a kilometers to lose those extra calories. Working graveyard shift especially in a call center, chocolates is

beneficial for call center agents to keep them awake and gives extra energy as well. Chocolates are made of saturated fat and extra sugar with high calorie level that is not good for our health if consumed a big amount. However, chocolate produced beneficial health effects in our health if taken daily with average amount. The particular substance found in cocoa called “epicatechin” known as anti-oxidant, which is essential to lower the risk of heart problem. Regular in take of chocolate with minimum amount also suppress the symptoms of migraines. However, this doesn’t mean to justify those chocolate addicts, you have to do something in
order to keep you healthy while enjoying your favorite chocolate bar and brand.

Call center agents who works during graveyard shift are prone to heart disease due to lack of exercise. They are awake the whole night, sits for almost six hours during shift and sleeps on daytime. They love to eat during their day off to compensate the days that they have missed eating their favorite foods. That is the usual life routine of a call center agent, I am not addressing everyone, but most of them. Although eating chocolates is a great help for them to avoid the risk of having heart problem, if they do not exercise those extra calories makes them fat and obese which often leads to heart problem as well. Therefore, in order to avoid heart problem and keep a healthy body, eating chocolate and exercise is a good combination, that is why call center companies provides gym facilities free to their agents. What are you waiting for guys, spend at least an hour going to gym after shift and eat a chocolate bar after, that will help you stay in shape and healthy.

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