Reason Why Men Are Prone Of Having Diabetes

Do you have any idea why men are much prone of having diabetes compared to women? I am not sure if anyone of you agrees with me after reading this article. I suggest you continue reading before giving your opinion.

I have talk to some people who admitted that men are prone to diabetes compared to women gives me this inspiration to write this article. I was surprised to hear about this and curiosity arises within, so I decided to dig deeper hoping to gather more information. I ask few guys why they believes men are prone to this illness and

here’s what he said;

>Men are prone to diabetes because they are extra sweet to their partner during courtship. A man shows too much care pampering the girl he woos’s like a baby.
>Men loves to gift chocolates, cakes or anything sweet to their partner and when the girl dislikes the gift and throw it away, the guy will pick it up and eat the whole thing. (which is practical than throwing it to the garbage huh)

>Men always show extra sweetness during the courtship to win

the woman they love. After marriage, a woman loves to feed her husband believing that, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. That is why most men grows big belly after years of marriage. Without knowing, they are making their partner/husband’s life short (ouch).

These are few reasons why men are prone to diabetes compared to women. I am not sure whether this is true or not, whether there is a survey regarding this matter. I will leave the judgment to you dear readers. I just hope men will not blame their partner once they suffer from this illness. I agree, men are extra sweet during courtship and after marriage; it is the woman’s turn to be extra sweet to their husband. Whether this is true or not, I know men and women would likely to have diabetes if one doesn’t care about proper health.

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