Bringing Back The Old Memories And The Past

Have you ever thought of having a time machine where you could turn back the time from the day you are born?

Have you ever thought of having a time machine where you could turn back the time from the day you are born?

I am listening old song of England Dan John Ford Coley band. This band made good songs of love and heartbreaks. If you are a music addict, I am sure you can relate from their songs and would love to listen to them repeatedly. One of their songs I just posted an article is “Sad to belong” a question that is hard to understand when you are not in such situation, falling in love with someone when you are

not free to do so. Isn't’ it really sad and heartbreaking situation? The song has this line “ I wish I had a time machine I could, make myself come back until the day I was born. And rearrange my life so I could be yours from now on”. Awesome lyrics, and how I wish life has the ability to turn back the time with or without a time machine.

When life becomes hard, the problem comes randomly and it seems the whole world is stumbling upon your shoulders, did you ever wish to rearrange your life. I’ve faced problem and trials I never thought I would be in, but never wish to change what had

happened in the past. Because, I will never realize how strong I am if I never crossed that stage in my life. I fully understand the meaning of “peace in mind” after conquering the tidal waves that wishes to wash me over. I come to know the real happiness and contentment after surviving the greatest storm that shakes my whole being and wants to knock me down. I found that life is more meaningful than ever after I won battles with demons that wants to erase my name.

Yes, I never wish to rearrange my life. I cherish every difficulty that passes on and I will live my life the way it is from the start. I will die with my name written on my birth certificate without any erasures and if any other name to attach with, that remains to be seen.





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