Reaching Us$200 Payment From Expertscolumn

Another milestone from a great earning site and I want to share my earnings update after reaching my first US$100. Here’s how I reached my US$200.

From my first article I have written how I managed to reached my first hundred dollar earnings within six months. I cannot recall how slow I’ve worked with the site that it takes me six months before reaching a hundred dollars. Yesterday I came to realize how slow I am after reaching my second hundred dollar earnings within two months. I reached my first one hundred dollar earnings on May 11, 2012. I started

Expertscolumn last November 2011 with very few articles. Today I have submitted 390 articles which I believed made me easier to reach another hundred dollars. This realization inspires me to write and submit more new articles. Here is an update of my earnings after reaching my first one hundred dollars last May 11, 2012.


May 11- 24, 2012 - $10
June 1-

28, 2012 - $35
July 3- 21, 2012 -   $50
July 23, 2012     -    $5 (still pending)


For the month of June I have reached 50,026 views by sharing my articles through twitter and Facebook. My article “Father and Daughter Having Sex- a Steve Wilkos show” got the highest views of 348. For this month I’ve already reached 52,389 views with my article “June 30, 2012 end of the world says another false prophet” garnering 310 views till date. I haven’t tried sharing my articles with Stumbleupon probably it will help me increase my views as well as my earnings. Now my goal is to break my own record by reaching my next hundred dollars within a month, hopefully.


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