Reaching Us$100 Payment From Expertscolumn

May 11, 2012 Friday, I reached my US$ 100 payment from Expertscolumn.

I know some members reached double or even triple than what I have earned today, but I cannot resist sharing how grateful I am with Expertscolumn especially to my up-line.


I registered with Expertscolumn last November 6, 2011; I submitted few articles and left the site. I received my first payment on December 17, 2011 after more than a month amounting US$5. I never paid too much attention with the site since I am busy writing new articles with Triond. I admit I have not reached US$5 from Triond as

monthly payment since I become a member last September 2011, after submitting fresh and new articles, while Expertscolumn allows resubmission of articles from other writing sites as long as it is your original writings and you must add your profile link as proof.

My up-line encouraged me to spare more time with Experstcolumn and told me that it pays more than other writing sites where I am giving much importance. On January 2012, I got US$20, and on February, I made US$25 surprisingly with lesser days compared to other months. By March 2012, I made another US$20 and last month of April I also reached US$20. I received my first US$5 on May 6,

2012 for the month of May and to complete my US$100 I send the request payment for US$5, today, May 11, 2012. After four months and 11 days of activity, I made a hundred dollars on Expertscolumn with 194 resubmitted articles.

I am grateful how Expertscolumn appreciate my hard work. I am thankful to my up line who introduced me to this site and for accommodating all my inquiries. It pays to listen to up-line especially to expert veterans when it comes to earning online. If you are not yet a member of Expertscolumn, better start signing up now, never miss a day and start earning to reach your hundred dollars by clicking the link below. The photo attached is my real time earnings and you will get to know how I made it the moment you registered with the site. So what are you waiting for?

Summary earnings from Expertscolumn:
December 2011 - $5
January 2012 -$20
February 2012 -$25
March 2012 -$20
April 2012 -$20
May 6, 2012 -$5
May 11, 2012 -$5 (pending request)


check the screenshot of my earnings

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