Street Children And Irresponsible Parent

My heart breaks every time I saw little children running, chasing cars begging for alms. They are not orphaned kids; they are street children wandering around. Not all street children are orphan, most of them have parents, parents who are irresponsible and are they worth to be called as one?

I hate this feeling of anger each time kids run after cars, vehicles knocking your window or touching you begging for coins or anything you can give. I don’t feel anger because I am irritated by their dirty looks, but, I feel this burning anger in my heart asking where are

the parents of these kids. I am not a perfect mother I know I have lapses but I know I always tried my best to provide their needs. And here I am watching these little creatures struggling to make way of their own lives. Where are the parents who are supposed to care and nurture them?

Fine, I want to make an exception, some of these kids had their own story to tell. Some might be abandoned by their parents and are living with relatives and begging alms is the only way they know to help and earn money at early age. There are

many reasons I want to understand and consider but still I cannot stop wondering and asking why.

For kids who have parent, young parents and mobile to work, why they let their kids do such work. Why allow their kids to stray on the streets, risking a life for a coin? The worse part of it is, when little earnings from these little hands will go to waste. Those parents who use the little hands earnings to gamble, leaving a peso or cents to buy a bread for a hungry kid who worked and risk life chasing vehicles. Imagine what kind of life these kids will grow on, what kind of principle in life they will have in mind in the future. Don’t you think they will follow their parents footsteps and do same thing once they have a family of their own? Will they change path and become a better person or maybe worse than we could imagine at all? Before you reach and give a coin or bill to a little hand…what do you feel and what do you have in mind?

Article Written By juny

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