Re-posting Missing Columns From Expertscolumn

Remembering the scariest day of Experts last February 4, 2013, I was on a holiday and thought I am going to lose one of my favorite writing sites. I am too busy attending events during my vacation and didn’t get the chance to check Experts every day. When finally I find some time to check online this message popped in my email

we would like to inform you that has been brought back to online. While our engineers were able to recover the major portion of the site, data for last 15 weeks is still missing. So do not

worry if you see some of your columns posted after October 28, 2012 missing from the site .
Our engineers are still trying their best to recover that portion of the site. We will update you again once the data gets recovered. Meanwhile you can continue to post your columns with us usual. Your columns would be kept safely in the database.
Thank you for cooperating with us

The first

thing that I have noticed on my Experts profile is the number of post decreased from 504 down to 450. Referring to the email from Experts Admin our columns are kept safely in the database. However, it is now more than a month and 50 of my columns are still missing posted from October 2012 until January 2013. I have not tried to reach the Expertscolumn Admin attention regarding this matter but might get to this point soon.
The good thing is I have saved a copy of all my columns on my laptop and USB device. I wish to re-post my 50 columns soon as I get the Expertscolumn Admin’s advice and I will be very happy then. The only thing that makes me feel sad is those precious comments from Experts writers that I have lost together with those missing columns.

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