Rain And Tears

Kids love to play when it rains. Rain may bring a lot of memories to everyone and there are good reasons why some people love to walk in the rain.


Who doesn’t like when the rain starts pouring? Rain means abundance and blessings for many farmers, but for fisheries it’s not a good season for fingerlings. Maybe there are few who wishes rain shall not come due to bad or sad experiences that bring sorrow from the past. For them every rain drops are like nails pinching their hearts and minds. The sound of the rain seems tearing them apart, like

a spear anchored in their soul forever. Behind the joyous croaking of frogs tears combined with the flood. That is one good reason why some people loves to walk in the rain for no one sees them crying. The harder the rain poured the more tears it washes away silently. The longer the rain falls, the more regrets flashes in every memory that carries a haunting agony.


There must

be a story behind each rain drops. Some bring tears and some brings happiness. Some are worth remembering and some are remnants of letting go. How many hearts are broken while it rains and how many hearts rejoices during rainy season? Rain is a part of any season it even comes in the middle of hot sunny weather. Rain is like tears that suddenly appear because of overjoyed emotions. Rain drops causes unwanted sound on a rusty roof, like tears breaking any silence when words are not enough. Tears mean a lot and sometimes misunderstood like rain when it caused tragedy people blame the weather unconsciously. Rain falls from the sky, tears fall from every eye. Rain drops always fall with noise but tears may fall unnoticed especially when it’s bitterest.


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