A Prodigal Son And A Rebellious Daughter

Who can understand a prodigal son or a rebellious daughter aside from the person who carries them in her womb, feed them with her flesh and blood.

It is always said that a child may forget his/her parents, but never a mother will ever forget that child she brings out in this world. You may say, then why there are mothers who abandoned their child or give their child for adoption. You may consider them bad but you never know that’s the best option they can give their child than keeping them with a miserable life. Yes, there are parents who

are mean, abusive and hose kind of parents never deserves to be called as one.

When a child has grown with a bad habit the blame goes to the mother. Do you think sensible parents want to raise a kid and become a problem child? Every parent has dreams

for their children but not every parent’s dream is a child’s wish. Who can tell why there are responsible parents who raised a rebellious child. It is easy for people to judge but it is not easy for parents to give up especially for mothers. Her child’s future is her concern since the day she feels that life inside her. She risks her life giving birth and there is nothing more she can risk to save her children.

The next time you saw a prodigal son, a rebellious daughter, a problem or annoying child, remember that there is a mother behind who weeps and never wish her child to be like that.


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