Pretenders And Chameleon

They are wearing sweet smiles but in their minds they are killing you right before your very eyes. Their appearance amazes you like how chameleon deceives the surroundings.


Pretenders are like chameleon they quickly changes color even before you can blink your eyes. They approach you with their sweet smile but at the back of their minds you are already dead. Have you ever witnessed a chameleon changes its color and how quick it is? Pretenders know how to fit in with their surroundings and great swingers with every version of dance or music. They can play with you like a

battery operated doll with their charm. Like a chameleon, you will be deceived with their camouflage. Where ever you go you will find pretenders hiding behind beautiful faces and sweet smiles. They pretend to be kind but deep inside they are wilder than any beast.


They are great speaker and you will fall on their

encouragement. They can act anything according to what you like and that way they can easily get your sympathy. Without suspecting anything, slowly you are falling into their trap. Usually it’s too late to realize that you become a victim of a great pretender. It’s hard to recognize them anyway since their color amazes you every time they change like chameleon do. You are never suspicious of their activity because they can manipulate you in every way. You always thought they cared yet unknowingly they are slowly dragging you into the abyss. So next time be alert with who you are trusting with, maybe it’s one of those chameleon whose appearance changes in just a wink.


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