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In relation with my previous articles regarding call center job, here’s one more tip that one must/should read. Simple preparation guides before going for an interview.

For first timer, you can never avoid getting nervous. Try to relax, take small deep breath and keep in mind that you will be talking with a normal person (and he/she is not going to eat you-just kidding) I almost drop my heart on my first interview, my hands and feet are cold as ice and my voice shakes so badly- exaggerate?, maybe, but I feel like that. But, thanks I made it ?


is no way you can accurately predict the questions that will be asked during an interview. So, brace yourself and read these steps.

1. Create your own script:
Prepare a script that includes all the information you want to convey.
Omit personal information like hobbies and favorites if possible, outline work related activities that will highlight your abilities.
Think of something you have accomplished that you are proud of and condense it into two sentences.
Straight to the point and always do straight eye contact.

2. Practice:

Practice your script until you feel confident about what you want to emphasize in your statement.

You script should help you keep on track- but, you shouldn’t sound stiff and rehearsed.

.Memorize your script by heart

to sound natural and conversational.

3. Do not force your accent, speak in neutralized English accent (for non-English speaking)
Speak by phrase and not one word at a time.
Blend your words and use inflections.

4. Know yourself:
What are your skills, abilities, and strength?
Your previous job/s, trainings and accomplishments.
These will help you to easily create your script and sounds natural during interview.

5. KISS (keep it short and simple). Be clear:
Limit your answer to 2-3 minutes per question, unless asked to give more details.
Note: Be specific, speak clearly in slow (not too slow) and in patient manner.

Next article:
Recruitment process for new call center agents are the following (may include, depends on agency process)
Screening/ pro-speak/ versant
Initial interview (might be a panel interview)
Written exam/ computer exam
Stress interview
Behavioral interview
Final exam (mostly one-to- one interview)

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