Pomeranian Breed Of Dogs Are Lovable Pets

These breed of dog is popular during the 17th century and considered as Royal pet. Queen Victoria owns a particular small Pomeranian that made this breed known as Royal pets.

Queen Charlotte, brought two Pomeranians to England named Phoebe and Mercury in 1767. Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter then established a large breeding kennel. Queen Charlotte exhibited the smaller type of Pomeranian in 1891 named “Windsor Marco” weighing 12 lb (5.4kgs). Marco become popular and breeders began selecting the smaller specimens for breeding. Queen Victoria also began to work on improving her breed of smaller Pomeranian with different colors and

promoting her breeding program. This makes the Pomeranian breed a Royal pet in the beginning of 17th century.

The current fashion for small dogs has become popular worldwide, commonly called as toy dog. Pomeranian also called as Pom Pom, is a breed of Wolfspitz type from Pomerania region in Central Europe. Pomeranian is considered a descendant of German

Spitz as the reference to the features of the dog’s nose and muzzle. Pomeranians are typically very friendly and lively breed of dog. They are alert and defensive of their territory. Pomeranians are intelligent easy to make bond to their owners and protective. Pomeranians is currently among the top 15 most popular toy dog in the USA. Average life of Pomeranian is 12 to 16 years.

Small dog or toy dogs becomes a fashion worldwide due to it’s cute size, cuddly and easy to maintain. A small dog means less maintenance and easier to take care. Aside from it’s cuddly cute looks, you can bring them everywhere you want without the hassle of leash or harm they might cause to other people or pets. How would you like to own one?

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