Politics And Circus

Politics and circus is almost the same where politicians play the role and people watch the star of the show.

Politics and circus is almost the same where politicians play the role and people watch the star of the show.

People are always looking for a candidate who acts more than talking. Of course, everyone loves to vote a popular candidate for his or her deeds. The more public appreances, more advertisement shows regading his or her projects makes a candidate number one on voters lists. Most candidates or better consider every candidates has their own propaganda, activities and tricks to catch the voters attentions. They know the weakness of mass voters and they know when to strike. The bad thing

is, after the candidate won and sits on his or her dream position, you cannot see him or her on public anymore and even forget their promises to the people that brought them to their throne.

Circus and politics are the same. Circus owner knows what the people wants to see and how to make the majority watch their show. People pays for entertainment and at the end of the day, who earns big and benefitted more than the circus owner. Who he

knows how to play the game always win and left the loser almost nothing. Politics is full of circus people who knows the tricks and magic to wealth without using a magic wand. People on the politics are more tricky than the circus people when it comes to cheating without using light and smoke effects. Politics is even more colorful than circus bands, ladies in fancy dresses and all the lighting effects on the background.

Who are the losers then, the watchers who paid for temporary enjoyment of magic and tricks? The mass who believe an insincere promise and showmanship of the best circus actor or actress ever. Who laugh at the end of the day and who ended up shaking head feeling cheated and betrayed? At least circus people performs showing its real intentions, a temporary entertainment. However with politics, the star of the show reveal its true color once he or she sits on a throne and become untouchable.


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