A Place Called Family

Living near our relatives and loved ones has disadvantages and advantages. Consider the disadvantages positive and you will find the advantages behind.


Some people want to live far from their family and relatives. They consider living in one place or compound with their relatives and family is a burden. Some people say that living near their loved ones is less freedom, no privacy, in short full of hassles and partly it is true no matter how close the relationship is. Everyone has differences and blood relationship is not enough to bind a whole generation due to this reason. Therefore some prefer

to live far from their loved ones to avoid misunderstanding and unwanted issues in the future. Somehow the distant helps to maintain a close relationship through different means of communication and a visit once a year is enough to fill the gap in between.


However, in times of crisis and emergency having loved ones

and relatives near is a big thing to consider in times like this. Friends won’t let us down for sure, but they also have life of their own and loved ones that need prioritization. Neighbors will always lend a helping hand but at limited times. Then we will realize the importance of living near our family and relatives. Our family never knows any limitation when it comes to love, care and willing to risk a life in the name of blood relationship. Despite of all the differences and misunderstanding a family remains an open arm to welcome us back. Because everyone has a special room to occupy when you don’t have anywhere to run to but a place called family.

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