Photography A Good Therapy

Bored with your usual hobby, why not try photography. You do not need a good camera and no need for proper training. Just try it using your mobile phone, ordinary digital camera and you will find how curative photography is.

Are you having bad mood and you don’t know exactly what you want to do, why not try to give yourself something new? Yes, something you haven’t done before. How about photography, even if you do not own a professional camera and you do not have a proper training with photography, you can try it. Photography is therapeutic; when you are

lonely and feeling alone. Photography can also teach you to discover your talent or skill and how to appreciate simple happiness as well.

 Taking pictures is a good way to make yourself occupied than sitting in your room with wandering mind. From flowers with different colors, different shapes and uniqueness of each form, you will see the wonders of

creation. From different people’s facial expressions and body movement, you will find the mystery of living. Capturing views from different angles, different modes or different time of the day, you will understand the importance of appreciation.

Taking shots here, there and everywhere without focus, you will create unexpected photos. Stealing shots of him, her, them or you, you will see funny results. You will never feel any boredom while taking photos and the moment you will see what you have captured, I promise, a big smile on your face. So next time you feel lonely and alone, grab your camera and took pictures, who knows you will get the chance to take a photo that might give you the best consolation you have been waiting for.



5-21-2012 3:35am Monday PT

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