Photographs And Memories

Old photographs bring us back somewhere in our past. Sadly but most good things never last. However, old photographs and places help us to refresh every memorable moment to cherish. Where some stories behind each photograph untold and some unfold.

Photographs can launch a thousand words, expressions, emotions and memories of the past. A photograph is a living testimony of happy celebrations and sad events in our lives. A photograph can say it all, the least we can do is smile, cry or laugh watching files and albums. A photo shares and saved moments that we once missed. A photo can

captured hidden feelings, sentiments with candid and stolen shots. A photo can reveal secrets no matter how painful it is. A photo is a silent witness and proof of the past that can never deny every fact.

Wedding photos

means starts of another stage in a couples lives. A new born baby photo means new life to celebrate. A birthday photo means another year has passed and a new year to face. A graduation photo means achievement and more success photos to come. A wake or burial photo means goodbye with someone we love. Different events, different occasions all printed in a simple paper, some are colored some are black and white. Some photos are covered with tears and some are filled with laughter. But all photos hold a story to lasts. A photograph somehow can help us travel back somewhere in time, where some stories are untold and some unfold.


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